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Hi, I’m Kimberly, an author of poetry and paranormal romance, a digital artist who loves to explore the boundaries between fiction and reality, and an observer of nature through my beloved camera lens.

Please, enjoy a look around, and thanks for visiting (:

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“Lightweight strangers fly
through my wild, curious mind—
    Imagery breathes life”

You’re invited to escape into another world

Dreamscape is filled with artwork that blends the thin line between fiction and reality.

A poetic journey of chasing goals, wishes and daydreams, late nighttime ponderings, and staying strong in those moments of falling down and getting up again, while holding on to the valid courage to keep believing in yourself.

Out Now! Brand-new paperback featuring 20+ original illustrations and a wide array of poems; visit the Poetry Books page for more previews.

Buy paperback for $8.99 through Amazon | Buy (poetry only) eBook for $2.99 through Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Fragments of a Fairytale

“Her prince so charming, so daring—a love ever hers”

Caught somewhere between the realms of fiction and reality, a young woman finds herself lost in fragmented fairytales, stitched together like the patchwork pieces of a quilt—and, through many obstacles and dangers, in pursuit of a magical romance.

Fragments of a Fairytale was inspired by many well-known fairytales, and though it counts only approx. 2200 words, I hope you’ll enjoy falling into them for a small while, like my female protagonist drifts away on her dreams of romantic enchantment.

Download your free copy through Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo or Barnes & Noble

Typewriter series

The Typewriter series is a collection of photographed, poetic words shared on my social media channels. They verse about life and love; exploring my thoughts through subjects often touched by elements of nature and the change of seasons, wondrous romanticism, and many a hint of magic.

The poems themselves have been printed, before folded and torn into their desired shapes, staged with various props and trinkets to enhance the mood of my words, after which the photographs were eventually edited in Photoshop for that finishing touch.

Visit this page to see a handful of poems, subscribe to my social media to read more, or visit my Redbubble shop to discover available prints, collectibles and notebooks.

The Art of Dreamscape

Executed in an “all-blue” colour scheme, Dreamscape is, as the title gives away, a dreamy escape into my imagination. Using photo-manipulation its artwork explores the boundaries between fantasy and reality, pulling you into a whole other world where a little touch of magic constantly lingers…

Originally created for my very first poetry book, it is now available on various items of merchandise in my Redbubble shop (:

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