Seasons of the Heart

Seasons of the Heart

Some days just start with a silver lining, and my Tuesday certainly did upon discovering that my poem Seasons of the Heart was awarded with a Daily Deviation on deviantART; making it my third Handwritten love poem to be granted this special recognition 🙂

Seasons of the Heart

My previous two awarded poems, left and right “Eye of the Beholder” & “Impressions”

Being awarded such a special favour, always makes me glad I am a poet, learning how my words speak to people and leave something behind they enjoy reading and revisiting again; I sincerely can’t thank those lovely souls enough.

It also subsequently makes me double happy at this exact moment in time, as I’m currently working on the republishing of Dreamscape (as well as Musings from a Wildflower and Amaranthine, and a brand-new poetry collection!), but more about that on a later date; though I hope to share some Dreamscape news in just a few weeks to come~!

Still, for now, I’m just going to savour this little surprise ^^

Thanks so much for reading—until next time.

Sending my love, Kimberly.

Published by Kimberly

Kimberly is a poet and writer of short stories, a digital artist who loves to explore the boundaries between fiction and reality, and an observer of nature through her beloved camera lens.

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